FAM Adapter Mark.2 S (will start sale)

FAM Adapter Mark.2 S (will start sale)

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FAM Adapter is molle asemble adapter for BSG plate Carrier Mlk.2 S

Use with FAM Adapter, Molle pouch can attach to BSG Plate carrier Mk.2 S

for that, We use G-hook Made in USA materials.

G-hook fixed FAM Adapter Mark.2 S with velcro.

FAM Adapter Mark.2 S molle system is Laser cutting molle system with Laminated Febrics 500D/1000D and etc Laminated febrics. 

Color is Multicam series (MC, MCBK, MCTP)

MultiCam Series with CRYE Precision Fabric

If we have a stock this product, will Ship to customer quickly

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