BSG Plate carrier mk.2 S

BSG Plate carrier mk.2 S

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LMG Tactical's Plate Carrier has prepared sleek style products in addition to simple styles, and as a result, we are showing you the BSG Plate Carrier.

The BSG plate carrier is a lightweight flat-style plate carrier. As the times change, we gathered various advantages of lightweight tactical vest concept from other companies and created LMG Tactical's own style.

For front pouch engagement, we applied LMG tactical flat attach with velcro (FAV) system instead of Molle system.

The FAV system is a flat combination system centered on Velcro solidarity, and a pouch that supports the flat method is responsible. In third-party cases, the buckle was added to compensate for the possible binding instability, but LMG Tactical added a Molle style flat Velcro binding system to achieve stable fixation.

Through this, we presented our own vision of post-molle system.

Also, the solidarity of the product was made by air-delivery of the ROC buckle of Italy 2M.
Through this, we implemented a modular plate parts system. It is more intuitive, active, and easier to maintain and use than conventional standalone-style plate carriers.

The colors support multicam series and other.

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